CSIC recently developed with independent intellectual property rights of deep-sea intelligent breeding equipment, the equipment is semi-submersible, fully automatic, intelligent deep-sea breeding equipment, set farming functions, platform functions and staff life in one, the world’s first, The world’s aquaculture industry is a new era of human deep-sea farming. The equipment consists of a semi-submersible and fishing grounds, using all-steel structure, the diameter of 110 meters, the total height of 69 meters, 250,000 cubic meters of aquaculture water. Can be in the sea 100 meters to 300 meters deep area for deep-sea fish farming, design breeding capacity of 1.5 million / sets, the design mortality rate of less than 2%, designed to withstand the harsh sea conditions, 12 typhoon, the service life of 25 years.
The main structure of the equipment from the establishment of the living floor, the central column, 12-shaped truss-type cage structure, revolving door, the bottom of the seven floating box module consists of five parts. Among them, the building can be built on both living space living space, but also to achieve fully automated, intelligent control of the “central mind”; central column and truss cage structure together constitute the aquaculture water, for the fish to provide Growth space.
The revolving door is located in a 12-sided truss-type cage structure with a radius plane of the cages. Around the central pillar in the circumference of the rotation of the device automation and intelligent “executive end” wearing a fishing net cleaning, live fish automatically drive and capture, dead fish collection, anti-lice and other major functions; bottom pontoon module for the entire breeding equipment The main buoyancy sources, which are distributed in the bottom central area (one seat) and the circumferential area (6 seats).

Reference: http://news.cctv.com/2017/06/03/ARTIgL4mtO4kwnhaZh0BQsTw170603.shtml