Group Introduction

China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

Established in July 1999, the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) is a leading state-owned business and one of China’s largest shipbuilding and shiprepair groups. Its marine sector covers both naval and merchant ships and equipment manufacturing. It also designs, develops and manufactures a wide-range of non-marine products.

CSIC is one of the largest business groups operating under the central government and it holds the relevant authority to manage its own finances and investment strategy. CSIC is also the only company in the Chinese shipbuilding industry listed on the Fortune Global 500. The group has a total asset base of USD62.95 billion. CSIC’s total workforce numbers around 150,000.

The CSIC group includes a number of well-known shipyards, diesel engine manufacturers and research institutes which are associated with the flagship listed subsidiary— China Shipbuilding Industry Co.,Ltd.(Shanghai Stock Exchange listing code no.601989). These companies are Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., Bohai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., Qingdao Beihai Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Tianjin Xingang Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Dalian Marine Diesel Co., Ltd., China Ship Research & Development Academy and China Ship Scientific Research Centre. In addition to these pioneering companies, there are also specialized subsidiaries in different marine-related business and R&D sectors which are also member companies of this listed company. They are China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Co., Ltd., China Ship Design & Research Centre Co., Ltd., CSIC Finance Co., Ltd., CSIC Technology Investment Development Co., Ltd. and China Shipbuilding Industry Equipment & Materials Co., Ltd.

In addition to having the largest shipbuilding and repair facilities in China, CSIC is also the leading player in the research and design of naval and merchant ships. The group employs 13 academicians and more than 40,000 highly qualified engineers working at the group’s six national class R&D centres, nine national class laboratories and twelve national class technological research centres as well as 150 large-scale laboratories.
With this unrivalled scientific research and development base, CSIC has a large capability to design, develop and manufacture new products. It designs, builds and repairs a wide-range of ships including tankers, chemical and product carriers, bulk carriers, containerships, ro-ro vessels, LPGs, LNGs, offshore and other special vessels and equipment. Ships built by CSIC shipyards have been exported to over 60 countries and regions around the world. Currently, the annual shipbuilding capacity of CSIC is 15 million dwt.

Besides shipbuilding and shiprepairing, CSIC is also a major marine engine and equipment manufacturer in China covering a full range of products. These products include marine diesel engines, auxiliary engines, electronic instruments and military weapons. The technology of these products combines CSIC’s innovation with technology transfers from famous international manufacturers in their fields.

CSIC’s product range extends beyond the maritime industry and into the realm of designing and manufacturing advanced large turnkey equipment and high-tech products. CSIC has self-developed and produced hundreds of non-marine products covering five industry sectors. The are energy, transportation, electronics information, large turnkey equipment and logistics. Many of these products have become market leaders in their respective sectors.

The core business areas of CSIC include:
– asset management for the group and its subsidiaries;
– domestic and overseas investment and financing;
– researching, developing and producing military products with a strong focus on naval vessels;
– designing, building and repairing merchant ships;
– designing, manufacturing and repairing marine equipment and non-marine products;
– various forms of beneficial economic and technological cooperation;
– turnkey project contracting and labour supply;
– manufacturing products under overseas licences and technology transfer agreements;
– civil engineering and construction as well as carrying out tasks authorized by the government.

CSIC has a very clear strategy namely to become China’s leading provider of warships and related equipment and systems.
Also as the group is already a major player in the Chinese shipbuilding industry it is working to be a world class shipbuilder group.

Company Introduction

China Shipbuilding Ocean Investment Limited

China Shipbuilding Ocean Investment Limited (CSOI), is an investment company established in Hong Kong, the business scope is: international shipping business, development of offshore intelligent fishery project, equity investment and industrial investment, in the field of non-military industry Investment, financial services, securities and investment advisory business.

CSOI is an important window established in Hong Kong of CSIC to go global, building up international business platform. CSOI focuses on international shipping business, including ship construction, research and development, maintenance, leasing business. CSOI also put effort on the development of offshore intelligent fishery projects, including the construction of offshore intelligent fishery farms, joint venture development and operation of ocean-going intelligent fishery farming industry, leasing offshore intelligent fishery farms and so on.

Using the existing marine fisheries resources and market-based investment advisory services and financial leasing and agency business model as the starting point, into the financial, Internet + and other industrial elements, CSOI try to achieve the traditional fisheries and marine equipment Manufacturing and leasing, finance, Internet business and other modern service industry integration, pushing deep sea semi-potential farms and special ocean fishing boats and other high-tech products, marine fisheries to the direction of the development of the circular chain, committed to creating modern far-reaching Seafood fishery enterprise cluster.